A tourist went into a pet store. As he looked around, a customer came into the store and said to the salesman, "I'd like an Excel monkey!"

The salesman nodded, went over to a cage and pulled out a monkey. He put a leash on the monkey, handed it over to the customer and said: "That's 3,000 euros." The customer paid and left the shop.

Surprised, the tourist went to the seller and said: "But that was a very expensive monkey. Why does it cost so much?" "The monkey can program Excel - very fast, little effort, no mistakes and very cheap!"

The tourist looked at another monkey in a cage. "This one is even more expensive, it costs 5,000 euros. What can he do?" "Oh, this is a web monkey! He masters the design of websites, can program, present and all this useful stuff," said the seller.

The tourist looked around for a while and saw a third monkey in a cage. The price hung on his neck: 25,000 euros. He ran to the seller in astonishment and said: "This one costs more than all the others combined! What the hell can he do?" The salesman replied: "Well, I've never seen him do anything useful, but the other monkeys call him Manager!"

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