My university provides advanced education courses and you'll get certified if you pass them. I'm really interested but I don't have so much time, so which one should I pick?
List of courses I'm interested in:

Project Management

I'm curious about your suggestions ;)

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    sql if u want ai

    it security if u want to be the h3ck4rm@n

    the fuck

    php is ded
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    I'd go with IT-Security and Project Management

    You'll need both a lot, then I'd go with SQL but PHP is only if you want to do web dev and only in PHP
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    Thx guys.
    I also think that IT-Security might be the most valid option. Languages can be learned yourself, but a certif. in Security might be a solid argument in upcoming applications. Project Management also.
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    SQL if you're ever going to handle data in an application.
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    @SubArcticZero I'm having a really hard time seeing how employer would consider IT Security as a big plus. If he cares he already has procedures in places and requires new hires to learn them. So IT Security might be considered a small bonus that likely won't be deciding factor in hiring process. Unless of course he plans to get a job in this field.
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    If you guys think sql is simple, oh boy... I've seen my senior do some crazy magic with sql. Hats off to them.

    Also IT security and PM looks nice, are they reliable to learn from though?
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    @SukMikeHok hey, you should get yourself an avatar.
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    @arraysstartat1 you should also get yourself an avatar
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