A programmer heads out to the store. His wife says "while you're out, get some milk."
He never came home.
The poor guy is stuck causing serious problems at a grocery store somewhere.
BREAKING NEWS: Man stuck in 'while' loop crashes global milk market. Will authorities resort to ctrl-x? This story, and more, at 7:00.
UPDATE: keyboard interrupts proving ineffective, authorities discussing resorting to kill -9
Aaaand he's broke.
And he has ALL the milk.
Should read as "return home"
Unfortunately, she gave no instructions for terminating the loop.

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    Abit 90's but if{}else{}
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    I once came back from shopping and didn't get washing agent from the shopping list.

    "There's a market shortage for item X, but a second source supplier was available. The preliminary compatibility checks passed, so I bought a sample batch. If the qualification tests pass also, please include this product in your obsolescence management system."
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    @S-Homles-MD Yeah that's one of my favorites. ;)
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