Quick question, how do you guys find the energy/motivation to create side projects?

Currently, I'm working around 8 hours a day and afterwards I can't really think about getting on the PC as I know that I will burn out eventually and end up messing up the following work day.

Do you take a shorter work day? Do you work on non IT related side-projects? Maybe someone wants to discuss on how to avoid burn-outs and still have fun while working and doing side-projects? :) All ideas are welcome for this topic!

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    9-5 people usually do them on weekends or on the way to/back from work, if you're travelling by e.g. train
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    I wanna think that goingToGymAt5AM is my main project and I get paid doing that, because it's exhausting!

    Also, I'm trying to assist my gf with java lessons, if it counts.
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    @JoshBent That might work but then again, weekends are the most distracting time if you have a family :)
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    @potata indeed, but having no time to yourself is not mentally healthy either imho - everything needs balance
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    Don't be afraid to mess up the next work day.
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    If you want to work on side projects after work you may schedule it.

    Only start working after one or two hours after work. Relax during that time and talk with family and enjoy. Then you may start working on your side project for around 3 to 4 hours max, don't force yourself to work for long, while you are working it doesn't hurt if you have snake and some cold beverage you should be enjoying your side project and not stress about it. Also, you may stop to have dinner with the family.

    Then a nice warm shower, and you are ready to sleep.

    Also, don't follow this schedule daily .. two or three times a week will be enough to not be burned.

    The days you over worked yourself at work aren't good for working on a side project.

    Motivation is very important. Therefore, motivate yourself whether for working your day job or your side project, it will keeps you moving forward. Motivation can be done by many things including day dreaming about your side project at work lol
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    @FahadAlt well the snake could potentially hurt you
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    @Trappist its python 🤣

    << ops didn’t notice that
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    I work 14 hour days, and it’s really hard to find motivation for projects. It isn’t about thinking that you need to get a side project done, it’s about actually wanting to do it.

    Takes no motivation to do something if you want to do it
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    @Loading that might be the reason in the end... :)
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