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    Google uses that info for self driving cars...
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    It is easier to recognize sign in 3D and with high quality images. On top of that self driving car will know in what country it is so it knows what signs to expect.

    If they are really using that data to improve cars, then it is only for the case when there is low visibility, making it difficult for both computers and humans.
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    Its more funny when you think about this, google has an ai giving humans images and the humana train that ai and the ai is to see if you are human.

    Googles AI should be able to fool itself...
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    If the ai is 92% sure it's a stop sign and you validate it, the ai might be 94% sure next time.
    If it's 98% sure it's not a stop sign and you still click on it, you're either wrong or the ai registers it's error if enough humans click on it
    It's a training circle, it's been like this forever: scanned words from books, street view house numbers, signs of street names, signs, objects, store names etc etc
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    Haha, reCaptcha uses muuuuch more than roadsigns ;) But yeah, it's kinda funny 😁
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    Pretty sure it was inspired by XKCD https://xkcd.com/1897/
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    Coinhive probably has a better system.
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    That is why it is very important that you click on the captcha VERY quickly - before the car reaches the intersection!
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    Eddy Dever's lyrics always so profound: "Overflow.... Bits arrive like butterflies....".
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    please identify all the traffic signs on this picture to prove you're not a robot.

    be quick, cars behind us are honking.
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    Dey took our jobs
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    These captias are real time data. While you verify the captia on your computer, the self driving car can proceed to drive.
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    @ewpratten sucks on phones tho. You only get like 6h/s but over 60hashes/s on a decent pc
    Not that I've ever really seen coinhive used as a captcha anywhere except coinhive
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    It's retarded because bots like ticketmaster scripts just bypass the captcha itself anyway.
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