Hey guys quick simple question for you guys who use storage solutions like google drive, one drive, dropbox, etc: what's a feature you'd really love to have that the cloud storage you are using doesn't have.

I want to compile a series of answers on this topic.

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    @theKarlisK Was about to write just about that
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    @undef Did you just delete and create your account again...?
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    But the sync still sucks sometimes 😂
    It's made weird... 🤔
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    The mobile app is strange, too... but it works. The sync part is splitted into "automatic upload" in the menu sidebar and a per folder(s) sync.
    A per folder sync is nice but won't sync like it should be... and the automatic upload is good for my Titanium Backup files.

    Well... do you have large files + encryption + a RPi doing the work?
    Then the desktop app might do weird things. Stopping syncing cuz of an "error".
    The application won't crash (that's a +) but it's still annoying.
    I stopped uploading everything "manually" and just copied the files to my hdd.
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