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    This is absolutely true
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    @chrros95 Heeeey welcome to devrant! Have your first like!
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    So sadly true.....
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    Then the message queue ends up getting clogged up and they rewrite event processing in C and the Heroku bill is too high so they build a Mesos cluster and dockerify everything and by the end of the day it's a fleet of deformed birds
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    the PMs died... #tooRealMan
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    Hahah gives me comfort whenever building up our cloud based backend seems troublesome
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    Poor pms....
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    You mean :

    True or
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    I firmly believe that in 6-10 years that bird will have evolved into its own dragon if the company keeps a startup mentality
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    Fukken accurate
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    The only piece that's missing is management telling everyone that the dragon isn't that bad....
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    this is awesome :-)
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    Startups often start with a rushed monolith. Sometimes in PHP.
    Until the break even point, most development is focused on fast instead of quality.


    I’m currently feeling like Don Quijote
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