Lets all help them share their startup

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    I dead. I also did that on email to a friend once. But am happy to see I am not the only fool in the world.
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    Visited. Such a beautiful site!
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    Lel, there were these comments "Directions unclear, Dick stuck in IO port"
    "Wtf dude,you stole our start up"
    "This is what happens when marketing team pushes projects too early"
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    This is hilarious
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    Guys, didn't your parents tell you to be nice to each other?

    The startup was new. Some things might not work.

    Stop make fun of them, and give positive encouragement... Something like "wow, I can't believe it. Your website run smoothly in my computer... Even without internet connection..." :v :v :v
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    OMG! It's even better than 9 fukn 11
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    I just visited on this URL and for some reason it's showing me illegal stuff :)
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    The people who wrote that site even wrote a dinosaur jumping game!
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    I like my work
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    @Kalazbb no shit, Sherlock!
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    Yay. It's working.!!! It's working.!!! 😀😱
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    Wait wtf! I have been working on the exact same thing for so long, even the UI is exactly the same. Fcuking people stealing other people's ideas. 😑
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    Written in Vue, right?😂😂
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    They hacked MY server? 😄
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    Support local businesses ;)
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    ngrok. They're using it wrong. 😂
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    What the hell? That looks exactly like the website I am making. Screw your copycat asses
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    That sounds like something my dumb CTO would post
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    So this was the guy who hacked my computer and broke my code!
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    I think they are ready for production.
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    Guys, just fyi, the phpMyAdmin username is root, and the password is 123.
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    So much wow. Haha
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    It reminded me of the time when one of my friend asked me for help in html css and send me a link that was like
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    It’s like the people that share images by putting the directories instead of actually uploading the photo.
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    A localhost8080.com website might be a good idea too though I rarely use port 8080 especially these days when a lot of softwares use it when they can't use port 80. Too bad the domain seems to be taken already.
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