Hey folks, I want to start actually completing personal projects (that I'm proud of so I don't resort to showcasing homework bleh). I find that I get too ambitious and perfectionist in my ways that I wind up never completing projects.

Anyone have any advice or tips on how to overcome that? This might be a vague ask, but I want to do enough that it demonstrates an understanding of a framework/language but also is doable in a reasonable timeframe. Any personal anecdotes?

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    You can't.
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    There’s always gonna be something you won’t like because you wrote it and know it inside out. I guess try finding some specific skill you want to show (like using Redux with React) and do it on small scale. Focus on what a potential person you’re trying to impress would look for in it.
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    Define the scope beforehand, and choose a deadline. After half of the time, redefine your scope to something you can realistically do in the second halve
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