"You make websites?! I need a website! For a great client like me, it would look great on your portfolio! So you wouldn't want money right?!"

Yeah mate, cause communism won the war and I can live off kindness, puppies, and rainbows.

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    Exposure causes death, it doesn't pay your bills.
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    When I needed a logo a friend of mine made it for free while I wanted to pay moneys, we were both just starting out on the work market
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    @Codex404 My girlfriend (shock horror, I know) does graphic design, so I have a very similar deal with her for my freelance work...

    .. Only sooner or later she gets all the profit :l
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    @Alice Remember, you only need one Kidney. People who keep both are just greedy!
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    Don't forget friends with ideas who'll make you millionaires and will make all your dreams come true *one day*. All you have to do is make their app/website for free
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    @shaji Don't even start man. The number of people from previous part-time jobs I had at university, talking about "doing me a favour".

    My favorite is my old pub manager asking me to redesign his website. A job worth £500+ for the features he wanted.

    The pay?.. 10 free pints.
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    One day, I or another dev will create a cryptocurrency called Exposure
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    @ragincoder like livers.. if you die with a healthy one, it was a waste of a liver
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    I like @ragincoder already.
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