For all my data fellows out there

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    Oh man, this seriously hurts. I ended up writing a framework of sorts for myself to load data and ensure that all the data is saved periodically.

    @FrodoSwaggins isn't that being a bit unfair to the field? AI is just like any other tool, it all depends on how well you know it and how you use it.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Any reason to hate it?
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    well I think there is definitely a lot potential in something like AI. the media has, I guess, finally got somethig right about a technical topic.. I also believe that there can be a lot of harm done with something like an autonomous, electronic, spreading intelligence. but we have to face this technology, because it is just too powerful to not explore. What else could we do? Ban the programming of artificial intelligence? There is nothing we can do but face it and treat it carefully.
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    Although I think there should be some project that defines the borders of software. Software has become its own space of action and it needs to be restricted by a moral system.
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    I once all the data from an overnight, 20 hour run...... :(
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