"Failed to initiate service connection to simulator"

I mean really... Now the iOS simulators are shitting their pants on boot.

Does anything work right in Xcode?

Xcode - it's only free if your time is worth nothing

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    I think this post is better categorized as a rant...

    Also, nice name, lel.
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    I like the fact all your rants are about xcode :P
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    @Jifuna :-) thanks. I try to stay true to form. There is just so much to go ballistic over with Xcode and so little time.
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    Wasted roughly 8 hours googling, loading, unloading, editing plists, deleting simulators (got 20GB of disk space back, woot woot!), downloading & installing simulators, downloading uninstalling Xbehemoth, unzipping Xbloat (takes longer than the download), re-installing Xfatass, killing related processes, and finally got it back to functional. Now I have to go collect all my saved preferences, keybindings, custom templates, behaviors, code snippets and put Xrottingmastodoncarcass back together to make it semi-usable again. If MacBooks were not so expensive I would get great joy from smashing mine right now.
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