When developers are frustrated with stupid laws 😂😂

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    When so many developers dont really know the law they hate.
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    Most people have no idea what the law exactly requires. I've read the GDPR completely, discussed it with expensive lawyers, and actually doubt anyone currently truly understands the law.

    I do know that almost all implementations of cookie banners, and almost all updated privacy policies are not GDPR compliant at all. GDPR compliance is like a pack of gazelles being chased by a tiger... no one is trying to win the race, they're all just looking sideways to see if they're not bringing up the rear, trying to gauge the amount of tiger breath they feel on their asses.
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    @bittersweet gdpr is something different than cookie law... And I've read the whole gdpr law document and have a pretty good idea about it.
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    For educational purposes, could any of you explain in compendium about GDPR @Codex404 and @bittersweet
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    @Milind1997 no, gdpr is way to complicated for that. The cookie law is easy.

    Any cookie not needed for the main functionality for the site has to be given permission for. As long as you as site owner can explain why a cookie is needed for the main functionality you dont have to explain.
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    I am a client that respect cookie law:
    I block all of them with uMatrix.
    unless I need a login, in that case I unblock anything 😅
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    the solution is to give you a no option. A no. (I think you’re required to. Do you know @bittersweet)
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    @bittersweet My understanding is that you CANNOT be GDPR compliant as soon as you have ONE vendor. As it starts a race : All his vendors should be complaint etc.

    So if one of your vendors uses GA for example, or ANY US based vendor, welp it’s over (Accepted, but strictly legally, nop).

    But maybe I’m wrong. Not a legal person my self.
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    @NoToJavaScript How did you come across this 2 year old post? I don't think DevRant recommends such old posts.
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    @reactivedev LOL ! I just saw the date haha.

    It was on right pane as "popular post" or something

    Edit ah, it was in related rants for some other rant (from today)
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