Definitely Nextcloud. Now I don't have to use proprietary software like Google drive and Dropbox anymore.

It's a shame I found out about it last week. I wish I found it sooner.

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    Our company has been using NextCloud for about a year now and it broke the bad habit of using network drives as a dumping ground for data.
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    I used Owncloud for 5 years and was super satisfied with it, but two weeks ago I moved over to Nextcloud - why?

    Nextcloud listen to the community. Owncloud has a problem with that.

    But Owncloud is more stable actually while Nextcloud has a release cycle that is more intense and more interesting.
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    Seafile is also good.
    It has builtin encryption.
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    dropbox? 2009 called, he wants his cloud storage back
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    2002 called and wants its joke back.
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    It's a shame I only ear about NextCloud just now. Aaaaand subscrib'd. Thanks @Michelle!
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    @rytzpekt so now it's just dumping data there?
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    And I'm sitting here, trying to figure out what kind of huge ass server you need to make it work with load times under 20 seconds...

    (Both the server im currently using and I have a pretty decent internet connection, so that's not the issue)
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    I'm alive!
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    Don't worry I'm still alive! The novel's great. I finished it, just looking for an agent. :)
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    Thanks, I appreciate it! If my future publisher allows it, I'll send you a free copy.
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