Management : "How long you think it would take?"

Me : "now this is a rough estimate, but I think building the back-end and database alone could take 6-months minimum"


me : "its a big proj..."

Management : "I thought it will be something like 10 days, already told the client it can be done"

me : "but we are not ready"

Management : "how are we not ready? we already have the virtual 3D shop, and we can use this ready-to-deploy eCommerce service as our data base "
... "you need to figure this out, this is not acceptable" he continued

* 2 Days Later -talking to my direct boss *
Boss : "since you don't know how to do it..."

me : "what ? I didn't say I can't do it, all I said it will take six months"

Boss : "yeah yeah, anyway there is this studio, a professional polish studio, we called them and they can do it, we will sign a contract with them, this will let you focus on the front-end. good?"

me : "well alright then"

Boss : "please write a doc, explaining everything needed from the backend"
-to me that was the end of it, took a long time to tell me they made the deal-

* 5 Months later *
- "Abdu, can you come here for a minute..."
- "yes boss?"
- "the document we asked you to do for the Polish studio, did you specify that we needed an integration with the API we are using for eCommerce?"

scared to death I answered : "why of course I did!"
I ran to my PC to check it out because I didn't know, I forgot because no one even comment on my doc. I check it out, and it was clearly explained... I got relaxed...

turns out they didn't even do what we asked them for. took them 5 months, and with no communication whatsoever. all their work was useless to us. complete dump waste.

never mentioned this until a year later... in a heat of moment when they were asking me to make an impossible task with no men and no time... I reminded them of this story... management didn't like it. but it was the truth. they didnt push this crazily this time

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    Bad managers: always giving bogus estimations to the client before asking for the real ones and then imposing theirs, no matter how unrealistic they are, to save face.

    Because they are fucking morons.
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    Welcome to devRant!
    And I like the Fallout-inspired name, lel.
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    Well done!
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    Fucking managers
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    Are polish dev shops a bad idea? Asking for a friend.
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    I'm always a bit irritated how managers can manage things they know shit about. Where do they come from? Are they growing on a college-tree for three to five years and then got released like a kraken? A bunch of fuckwhits who know which cock or cunt to suck in the right moment.

    Edit: I apologize for the language
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    @Kinky-Code This! But I think they dont grow on trees. Cock sucking and cunt licking is an art which is not learned so easily. The art of Sucking & Licking, in monk terms "The Art of Su Li", is only trained at the peek of Mount Cock. It is a mystic mountain which you only can reach through the "Plain of Man Eating Cunts". The destination of this plain is a well held secret through generations of managers. And it takes ages to learn the Art of Su Li till its perfection. You see, this is where the managers are coming from and why they are paid well!
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    @geaz Thank you sir for brightening up my mind. Please senpai, teach me more!
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    This!! "We've already told the client"...
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    @geaz Bwahahaha... HAPPY TEACHERS DAY, Sensei!! 👏
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    Fucking sales people
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    @SeaPanda outsourcing anything to someone who seems cheap will land you with cheap code. AMHIK
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