Boss throwing up a huge source code that I didn't see before.

Boss: Hey, this is an app from a contractor to do XYZ.

Me: Oh, okay.. so?

Boss: You will continue the code and the maintenance now. How much time do you need to implement X feature?

Me: I need to see the code first, can't say nothing now.

Boss: ok I need estimation now.

Me: *getting nervous* I need to see the fuckening code first. if you want estimation now I would say one year..

Boss: what?

Me: what?

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    @rendezvous and what did you say?
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    A year? So you're lowballing the estimate and hoping for the best?
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    @rendezvous actually he is an ass, and fat ass too
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    Oh man, it hurts to read this. I had almost a word for word conversation like this with my former boss. This is one of the reasons he is a FORMER boss.
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    Good move. If I'm *forced* to answer that question, I'll generally tell them whatever amount of time I think I need to find a new job ;)
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    "One year"

    Whoa there, let's not get optimistic!
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    After 10 years working on software you still can't give me a simple time estimate? You suck, I'm surprised I even hired you
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    "I have no idea... But can estimate when I can prbly give answer. How many LOC is that thing? ...."
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    @rendezvous @Nanos @ojrask
    Some manager will say : OK 1 year I.e, 365days. Let's add 40 do it in ten days.

    I am telling with my personal experience that manager/boss will give most
    Bizarre ideas just to get the work done in what ever deadline they have agreed to client.

    Intact they ask for estimates after promising deadline. Sometime even promising xyz stack tech which no one in company has clue about. And yeah machine learning too...

    And this is just 1 year of experience with the industry. God know what I will see I future.
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    @Coffe2Code all bosses are fat not urs only fat ass with a huge mouth and probably brain damage
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    @LoDing hahaha maybe
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    About enough time to rewrite the app sensibly lol
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    Feels like the concept modern day concentration camp.
    I hope atleast they were compensated with money/holidays.
    I also seen managers when asked to prioritize task. They bout everything in high. One of two in medium. And low is either a null or a single ton set.
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    Deja Vu...I've just been in this place before 🎵🎵🎵
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    Just my two cents :) I wouldn’t even consider giving an estimate. I would ask questions that question your boss his own abilities and quality of work :) Just to trigger his grey mass. I believe that the outcome of one’s work is dependent on the quality of information and instructions one gets.. He is feeding you shit, therefore he will get shit. Which i personally do not find acceptable to put my time and effort in. So therefore i wouldn’t even give an estimate :)
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    Well played!!
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    Excellent sir!
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