I can't believe it-

I'm actually learning to love PHP

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    Congratulation. It's a powerful and easy enough language to use. Try to avoid the easy mistakes and you shall find success in your career.
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    In before the haters 😎
    Welcome to the PHP side!
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    I don't dislike PHP, but I do think there are better alternatives.
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    which framework ?
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    Hating php is truth of being programer
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    I both love and hate it at the same time.
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    Can anyone suggest good php tutorials/books? I feel like I've to search all over the internet for something basic like uploading images. All I get is blog posts which Idk if i can trust
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    @samsepiol check tutorialspoint
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    Welcome to the club man. I also hate it less than I used to.
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    Laravel by any chance?
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    @Braed I use Laravel for my projects from time to time--

    ...none of my clients have used the websites i've sent them, if it was laravel though.

    THOUGH I STILL EARN- but, they just don't use it. :(
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    @Mba3gar Laravel!


    Still learning both Magento and Laravel tho :c

    am newb im sorry
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