Hi guys
Can we still install and use php 5.2 or php 5.3?

Got an old website that needs rescue
Coz of the depricated mysql functions

Much appreciated

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    You can, most package managers let you specify the version you want
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    The question isn't if you could but rather if you should
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    On Linux: Install old package versions or a complete old distribution (e.g. Debian 6) in a virtual machine (please isolate this outdated software).
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    Don't use them. There are reasons they were deprecated. You could convert them, most functions work the same.
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    You should be able to migrate to PHP 5.6 without any issues, unless your using some really outdated functions.

    Moving past 5.6 would require you to drop the mysql_ functions and use mysqli_ or pdo, and changing over any deprecated functions.safe bet, build a test server with 5.6 and do a full test with the error log open and see what breaks.
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