Most of the rants I see here are related to CSS or JavaScript, so I am very grateful I did not end up in the frontend, which I would have given up long ago.

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    But.. but it’s fun

    To torture tourself
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    @devTea If youre a masochist that is.
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    *looks at Node*
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    Front end is just another torturous skill set like any other.

    Except some fucker decided to completely over complicate a simple thing and now we have more frameworks, libraries and packages for both logic and styling then I can point a stick in the name of “write less, do more”
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    @C0D4 should have been “write less, do more but learn more”
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    @devTea you can still learn more by writing more.
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    I don't understand hatered to Javascript or CSS. If you don't understand it then it's your fucking problem. And noone is forcing you to use frameworks. If it's easier for you, code in vanilla Javascript but then don't complain how you can't ship it before deadline. Yes, there are too many frameworks but that's the reason why js ecosystem is improving so quickly. I'm more productive with React than I was with jquery and I bet there were many "yet another library" comments when it came out...
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