"You claim you are a developer and don't know what firebase is? Pfft"

Words uttered by one of my classmates flexing on some 4th semester college inmates. I don't know what's more annoying his squeaky voice, the pretentiousness of using headphones as a necklace during class or that I was just like him when I was a freshman (minus the low hanging fruit flexing).

God fucking damn, I'm not even mad at his obnoxious pampered kid semblance, it's the irony of this enlightened fago falling into the god forsaken rat race. Why?

Because he hasn't been magnanimously disappointed by one of the most corrupt systems I've ever been witness of, yeah keep talking about firebase to the teacher who just nods pretending she knows what you are talking about.

I've had this same teacher before and your nice asynchronous ES6 express nosql solution will come last compared to all the WordPress templates she'll approve because they are pretty and all the time you invested, yeah, right into the crapper, seriously it would've been more satisfying to just masturbate everyday until Christmas break. I'm not pissed at him, annoyed by his semblance maybe, but I actually pitty him because the system will take a big shit on his face and he's just smiling.

Damn it, all these careers ruined by lazy ass professors who think leaving a shitload of diagrams as homework counts as teaching. And before any quirky brother interjects with "oh maybe your University is shit", "muh University verry gut u suk", you shut the fuck up! I know my university sucks even tho is "one of the best ones" by the corrupt media's standards, I'm here to vent about issues, real fucking issues happening in real corrupt systems, I'm taking about professors sexually abusing students, not going to classes, no centralized teaching systems, fucking chaos.

I'm happy for you if you feel good about the piece of paper you hang on your wall that certifies you as Bobby the guy who not only learned a shit load about computers, he also bent his ass so far for us and payed us so much money for it, it's funny he thinks himself as smart.

I know, I know, you went to an ivy league college, have a wonderful job and owe some money, good for you, some are not so lucky and I'll make sure those lazy asses who take advantage of the system lose their jobs.

I'm so sick of this shit we call "moodern educashion"

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    > that certifies you as Bobby the guy who …

    Ah yes, this is my kind of rant :3
    Certified fucking enganeers!!!
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    @Condor man I had these mad rant rabies from withholding it for a day, just fermenting in my gut while hitting my big boxing sack, it just felt nice to vent it.

    Certified enganeers? Worse...certified PhDs' "professors"; what's sad is they suck up the life off of developing you actually end up delivering a WordPress shit show to save yourself time.
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    Looking at the name Im assuming firebase is a database type?
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    @Codex404 it's googles backend framework thing for app development, hosted on their cloud
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    Get your expensive toilet paper and then flee from this bukake of incompetence. Excellent rant though
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    Great rant. I can relate to this type of agony. There are many pretentious developers in universities.

    I know this is painful hence use this pain to grow and be better.
    Take comfort in knowing that 90% of the time people act like this because of their own insecurities, most probably due to their lack of knowledge in the field.
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    @JKyll yeah that's what happens when a country doesn't step in early enough and lets a bunch of commie psychos take over the educational system.
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