Just broke up with my girlfriend and it feels AWESOME! Like I’m free now! I finally can do what I like to!

Finally! To live without regrets and fears of not being able to entertain someone. It’s finally my thoughts, my music, MY life. My fucking life. Just me as is and it’s awesome. Finally, after three years of suffering.


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    Wow. It seems that either you're covering regret with anger (in which case, good luck!), or that you should've broken up 2 years, 11 months and 30 days ago.
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    bro and im here being sad for never having a gf before
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    I gotta say I love your spirit man.
    If its poisonous relationship then there's no point in living in it.
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    I thought for a minute that this was just a quote from The Count of Monte Cristo
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    @AndSoWeCode absolutely and honestly not. I’m feeling really warm inside now and it’s awesome. True happiness
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    @SukMikeHok do you have a friend you can tell anything without any kind of fear? That’s how good relationship looks like

    Putting penis into vagina is really overrated, I was disappointed. I expected a lot more. Look for the one who match your fetishes, that’s the only way to the real sexual pleasure
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    @uyouthe no i dont have a friend that can help me with it, i need to do it by myself
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    @uyouthe sent on telegram
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    I was in same situation before and now I found the girl I was looking for :)
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    Sometimes in relationships we become chameleons and tend to forget to take care of ourselves
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    whats up with those @jase tags? also have fun being free
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    @zemaitis man, exactly! I couldn’t express it betting
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    @gitreflog probably the most famous breakup here
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    I haven't had a gf for a while and this is reminding me why. Unless I find a girl who has mutual interests and little to compromise for it, then I'll remain single and content. I have too much shit going on.
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    @Aileron jase was a ranter who kept deleting his account and then coming back after a few weeks. Currently he is gone and sadly we donr know if hes coming back this time..
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    @XiovV i swear i checked on wednesday and i didnt find him..
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