@apple since I can't move Xcode's instruction pointer without crashing Xcode or my app, I have to use a global with 'if' statements to have optional debugging logic.

if( ! gAppleFuckTards) {
... do optional code stuff

and then change the value of gAppleFuckTards with the debugger to execute the code.. but WAIT

Xcode purports to be able to change values via debugger but really cannot... can't change gAppleFuckTards to false in the debugger. But that kinda makes sense as it is an empirical truth.

Thwarted by the cosmos again!

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    i don't understand this, but i'm pretty sure it is irritating
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    @wowotek In theory you should be able to drag the execution pointer in the debugger so you can execute some other piece of code than what it wants to execute next. This is 1990's basic stuff for a real IDE. Then you should be able to change the contents of any variable in the debugger to beat on the code. Again, 1990s' basic functions of an IDE. Xcode bug ware is suppose to do both but good old Eric (if he is still running that bunch of retards) can't get his shit together.
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