> Hey I use Arch
> Did you know that I use Arch Linux?
> Arch Linux with i3 is best
> Have I told you that I use Arch Linux?
> Windows is crap, I use Arch
> I love the rollback function in Arch Linux
> My girlfriend is Arch Linux
> I fuck Arch Linux
> I name my kids Arch Linux

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    I do use Arch with i3-gaps actually, but I generally don't mention it unless I'm either making the "I use Arch btw" joke or if I'm in a conversation where it would be relevant information
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    #1: "I use Arch...with i3"
    #2: "I do use Arch...with i3"

    So far checks out.

    Can we get an opt-out filter in DR for stuff like that? Like keyword-based? with "I .*use [aA]rch" set as default? Please and thank you
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    > My girlfriend is Arch Linux
    So I do have a girlfriend after all!! Who knew?! 😮
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    I use Ubuntu with i7 :/
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    Noob question, is i3 refering to intel chips or?
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    @Kulijana naah, it's a tiling windows manager. Like TMUX, but for all your desktop instead of the usual WMs shipped with DM: GNOME, Unity, Cinnamon, KDE, etc.

    Google: i3wm
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    I tried Arch with i3 once. I was lost...
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    I use Arch with KDE, I am a customisation freak
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    @irene What do you have against gaps? :(
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    I'm a lazy Arch user. (I use Manjaro)

    I also don't like people bragging pointlessly about things. Excitement about new discoveries is understandable and should have acceptable allowances made so the person feels like people care enough to listen. But it should be obvious the difference between the two.
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    But can it run Crysis
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    @Linux Rollback feature? does that mean filesystem snapshots? or the downgrade package?
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    Hey did you know I'm vegan?

    And did you know I do crossfit?
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    arch user was admitted in hospital.
    dr was checking cardioc machine.
    User : do you know you can run arch on it.

    Dr. switch off machine.

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    *Got a gist of slow death while installing Arch a year ago*

    But... Arch IS great!

    - A Debian user
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    I recently set up Ubuntu mini with xorg, i3-wm, i3-gaps and polybar.

    Ask of the beauty of the i3 tiling, none of the arch-hassle.
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    @YuganshT79 Then I think Gentoo would be better for you, or does Arch have source packages with flag/config management built in?
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    You forgot that:

    I keep an Arch Linux bootable USB with me all te time, I read it few times here :\
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    both, because packages breaks all the time
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    @irene Fair enough. While I do disagree, I respect your opinion

    @gitpush I personally have a 4GB USB that normally has the Arch installation on it, just in case. Plus I have enough storage anyways, that 4GB isn't gonna make much of a difference to me
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    @Rollo Yes! herbstluftwm is the best!

    I use it on Arch btw
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    @Jifuna lol
    i7 XD
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    Arch with openrc and dwm instead of i3. What I've won?
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    @kenogo I had few problems with systemd earlier and I just like to keep my system minimal :)
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    > Windows is crap, I use Arch

    but I use both :(
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    DDG "Arch is the Best"
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    Well, I live in Arch.

    # I have more tabs of ArchWiki than Wikipedia in my browser!

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