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    That's the best way to describe it!
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    Yes, to everyone, even to another programmers =D
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    😂 exactly how i define my wife’s SAP consultant job
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    My ex-wife did the same. Add making it sound like I was gaming all day, then you got it. ✌️

    Really, she, like so many others, couldn't understand that "programming" is a real, exhausting job. 😠
    ... no matter how much and hard I tried to explain...
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    I don't make PC beep beep boop.
    I make em go boom :3
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    The crazy part is you got a wife!
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    @sunfishcc 😂😂😂🤣
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    @sunfishcc Whn did the "Wife" DLC get released?
    last time I checked there was no "wife" DLC in this game called "life"
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    @FinlayDaG33k it’s actually a subscription. The monthly payments are pretty high and the cancellation policy is outrageous. It’s really important to read the terms of service before subscribing. Although, the terms are frequently updated, and like everything else, if you don’t accept them, then you don’t get to enjoy the benefits.
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    @Swifticus hmmm... I'll just wait till the DRM get's cracked then...
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    Have you moooed today?
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    "Beep bop boop" is the way I described it to my 2 year old daughter!
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    Need that beep boob sticker pack. What’s the name of it?
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