Bit of a shameless plug but...

I've been making Crypton.sh as my side project for the past couple of months and it's now ready for public consumption. Crypton.sh is a secure and encrypted SMS messaging solution in the cloud, with its original purpose to be a 2FA mobile number that cannot be stolen like a SIM card can be, the idea came about when someone I knew has their SIM card stolen via a SIM card swap scam (https://bbc.co.uk/news/...).

Originally it came about as that idea but grew into something bigger, now everything is encrypted and you can also have conversations with other people, but I'm testing things from time to time and more can follow. Crypton.sh makes sure that you can no longer worry about your SIM card being stolen by malicious hackers, or having a second account on Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Google and others.

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    SMS is kind of dead, from what I see from my surroundings
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    @davenall Apologies, didn't know that existed. Will do next time. Thanks!
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    @h4xx3r Yes, but a lot of companies still use SMS to deanonymise users.
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    You appear to have CSS problems
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    Im sorry, but I seriously thought it was a bash script at first.

    But nice idea. Kudos!
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