Not my own rant, but when I see some user asking for refunds on a free app, I just gotta share it. See the developer's heart-warming response.

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    @jespersh users are always right xD
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    @jespersh the user asshole really asked for it.
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    @jespersh Immature user.
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    @jespersh Well, his name is Harsh...
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    Downloaded this crap cause it looked interesting, was slapped in the face by this, doesnt let me skip it and wants me to buy an other app. 10/10 the devs can suck my dick
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    Since it's free, all you had to reply with would be "here you go", as you pass over nothing.
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    LoL, I happen to know the dev XD
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    @Haxk20 >easily just root

    Eat my Huawei Ascend XT². I have to bruteforce my bootloader unlock key, which'll take like 20-30 years at 0.2 sec/try for a 32-bit key. To root, I have to flash TWRP and use that to do some weird shit, according to XDA.

    (I bought it a week after Huawei stopped letting you unlock it through them, and a week before they went off-market, so the price for a new one went from $40 at WalMart to like $200 on eBay. FML)
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    @Haxk20 There's a program that claims it can crack it in like 2 hours using the OEM ID, but it's like $200. It's also serverside. However... this means it could be algorithm-based to convert the OEM bootloader ID to the OEM unlock key. I'll see if I can find a cracked copy to see if there's any hint as to what's going on.
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    I please add comment. Is this English or something else?
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