Yo fellow devrant devs!

Are here any PLC devs present?

After 4 years of internal struggle, short side leaps and a big amount of feeling restricted and beeing tired of it, I decided to totally switch from windows to linux. No dual boot (which ended about 20times in "oh, i didnt start linux for 2 weeks.."), no "i can have Linux on VM". Just linux and me, hopefully a neverending love story.

Thats the theory.

Problem 1: is it somehow possible to use Siemens TIA portal with Linux in a proper way?
Problem 2: is there any IDE which is at least nearly as comfortable for c# coding as visual studio?

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    Ok, so far i can see, mono is a good ide for c#. But it is not possible to create windows forms projects properly (need it for technical school).. Maybe I should create a windows VM to use VS :/

    Unfortunately i guess plc programming isnt possible on a VM.. Tried it over a few weeks with beckhoffs twincat but as soon as you do anything with time related things it's impossible.
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    You can try Jetbrains Raider IDE for c#
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