I don't hate JavaScript. Change my mind.

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    You have the right to your own opinion and I couldn't care less about your opinion lol
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    It's just a language
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    Why? If you like it, good for you
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    @vlatkozelka it's a feature, not a bug. It makes perfect sense, except for those who don't understand coercion.

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    If you don't hate JavaScript, there IS no mind that one could change.
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    To each his own.
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    If you haven’t been beaten down already by Js, your day will come.
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    "Aah yes. Your Stockholm Syndrome is very nice this time of the year" -Michael, GTA V
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    @vlatkozelka well I can't agree since it's part of the specs and inherent to the nature of JS, any developer should read the specs before getting on the boat.

    From my point of view it's not a good argument anymore since there are a lot of not-fcked langs targeting JS or WASM.

    Still there are a lot of things that makes no sense... fucked up non-monadic implementation of Promise, async/await behavior is naive at best, most API are still callback-only, classes are a big setback, etc ...
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    @karasube the fact that it's a design decision doesn't mean it's a good design decision. No one thinks this stuff is an accident
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