Hope it didn't show up so far.
Don't want to start a war.. But does it say something about the efficiency of javascript? :D 145k lines to fly to the moon... 1,5billion to run a website? Legit.

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    @davenall so you think my conclusion is a joke? Puuuh I'm glad i tagged it as "joke" 😉 because of course you are right.
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    Wow, I just set a new record!
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    LoC: helping developers boast about their job since forever.
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    My question is why so many lines on the collider?
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    Don't take this wrong or negatively I'm just sharing my thought process.

    It makes sense I can see why, every image has different use cases, so comparing them to each other isn't fair

    Also from first to last you'll maybe notice that the code is more deverse, automated and widely used

    By that I mean that the apollo space program (for example) needed a lot of manual piloting, the apollo software also didn't need to be secured against hackers, because it was closed source and only accessible by the workers or the rocket

    Now move to the bottom and you'll see node, a very widely used system, a lot of people have access to it, that means the security thread is higher. And because node is JavaScript and (I guess) they want wide adoption, they have to make it simple, never underestimate the work that goes into making something complicated into something simple and easy to use

    Oh yeah, don't forget that node has to run on more than one OS, and that the OS isn't specially designed for it
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    @incognito Apollo software being closed source is invalid argument. Three were no hackers, the system was offline, that's true. In the year idea of opensource so obvious that it wasn't named, it was used by the community just like that. GPL itself was born like 20 later.
    Not to mention that NASA, as the public funded organization, has to share its documents. They already shared how their development process look like, i think they already shared their source code, perhaps the printed boards are in the museum somewhere.
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    I'm just stuck at "Large Hardon Collider" 😏😏😏
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    @mt3o true I should have used different words than closed source but you got the general idea of what I ment 😁
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