Make software that people use with a smile

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    @jespersh haha like you have trouble finding porn :D
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    A universal Android bootloader unlocker!
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    @gitcherry Some people have trouble finding something they want, apparently.
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    "If you have trouble making people smile with your software, just add a smiling emoticon :)." --Microsoft
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    With face recognition - if you dont smile app crashes :D
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    Just use the webcam to determine if the user smiles... If he/she doesn't, the software will instantly close itself
    Just an idea...
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    @Chill haha same thought ^^
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    Yes, that should be the main goal for all developers!
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    Reset password / forgot password module for cryptocurrency wallet
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    Internet Explorer! People always smile when it has finished downloading a browser.
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    You only reminded me the notorious Windows BSOD smile
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    words of wisdom right there.
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