Try indie game for pc. Download link is in the description of the video.

This game is created for #GithubGameOff
This is 2D game.

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    I've played for like 10 min and here are my impressions :
    What I like :
    - The simplicity
    - The concept of teleporting and dashing

    What I don't like :
    - No possibility to customize keys (me having an azerty keyboard its horrible to play with q w e a)
    - Some pieces of music seem a bit off with the game
    - The difficulty (platforms shrinking in size) goes up too fast.

    Ideas :
    I feel like we lose the potential of using teleport and drop. Maybe add powerups mid-air or obstacles. Make some platform change size. That way we can play more with the core principles of your game.

    Other than that, I like the idea and the animations of this little ... thing ^^
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    Thanks for your such a valuable feedback.

    I was going to convert this game for android and release it but i would implement these features first.

    I was thinking for making the game more difficult as the stage continues but yeah i was also feeling the the smallest platforms comes very fast i can make them delay but if the platforms dont get smaller the game would not be much challenging

    Yeah ill make make changes to change the keys in keyboard.

    So whats your highscore ? I have reached upto 1000
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    @ShivamRawat0l Also I found a bug, or maybe it is a feature? We regain the ability to jump each time we touch a platform, even from under it. So if you arrive close enough to a platform you can spam jump to not fall. It also works with the edges ofc but I think it's great to be able to like "grab" the edge to jump again.

    High score is just 719 for now, quite hard for me to play with the current key layout ^^ (or maybe I'm just bad x) )
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    @MrEliptik Yeah i can remove that that was default and i had noticed it earlier but i thought its would be ok to player to stick to edges and base.
    As the level of the platforms is different everytime and sometime platform can become irreachable then their are two options to the player
    Either he/she can teleport to the another platform
    or take the support from the base.
    Right now the game does not look good. A guy online said he would make some art now lets see how it goes
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