My dad picked up programming in Java as a hobby when I started my own dev company. We pair program on the weekends! 😁

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    I was trying to teach my mom Java and she seemed interested, but too bad her native language isn't English, so it got difficult for her. I wish she knew programming better and we could do something together
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    I tried to teach my son Java. Since he likes Minecraft, I figured it might be fun to make our own items for it. He didn't really enjoy it.
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    Super daddy
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    That's a cool Dad!
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    Woah, that's a real family goal. My mom is a programmer and she always was against me being one, because "this progression is to hard for girls".
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    @Demy: it may have been back then, it is getting better now. It will only get worse with that kind of mindset. Live the dream!
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    That's awesome
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