And so begins my journey into Arch Linux.
Wish me luck, folks.

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    @Haxk20 “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” -Otto von Bismarck
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    Once you get it right you'll never want to go back!
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    RIP in peace
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    @PonySlaystation I don't get why people say that, rest in peace in peace?
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    @taigrr It's a joke that originated from a Newsground forum I think. Someone used it unironically because they had no idea what it meant.

    Edit: Found "a" source https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/...
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    @Jilano Unfortunately my friends on facebook (back when I had one) definitely weren't using it ironically. I guess they saw someone else and copied :/
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    @taigrr That's the good thing with "those" kind. It's easy to recognise them because they just follow trend/others without thinking.
    The bad side, though, is that they outnumber the "ones with a brain" by a large margin.
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    Update, everyone! Successfully didn't fuck my laptop and learned how to rice like a cool dude.

    I can even check out reddit through magic! I wonder if DevRant has a CLI...
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    @velian Good job, mate! There is no CLI as far as I know, but there's this that you can use: http://www.jsrant.com

    Made by @ChappIO
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    @velian nice. I've been using arch for a long time and still haven't gotten around to finishing my rice. Glad to see you got off to a good start
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    @taigrr It's going super well so far. It's great to tinker on my lunch breaks, just tweak and get comfy. /etc/bash.bashrc is still basically gibberish to me, though. But I managed to copy paste some code to get my Termite to update the title to running processes!

    Honestly, I might just use this on my home machine. The packages, the customization, the control... It's awesome.
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    @Jilano I'm going to clone the Reddit RTV stuff that runs in Python; see if I can reverse engineer something similar to look at the jsrant array. I mean, it should be simple enough.


    I'm going to eat those words but at least it will be delicious
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    @velian That would be great! Good luck ;)

    PS: Don't forget to drop a link when you've progressed.
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