Thinking of making a calculator app that is implemeted with microservices.

Like multiplication service calls addition service, and power service calls multiplication service, and expression service can call all of those, etc.

Next I need to figure out how to add AI to it

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    @irene It's 2018 and everyone is using microservices /s

    Seems like a fun little project to learn about microservices
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    1 + ................. 1 = ...................... timeout.
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    @irene ^^ (tag for that rant project was "dumb")
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    You should implement tetration and watch your cpu slowly burn...
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    I think you need blockchain for that
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    Add Blockchain, distributed database for storing the chains, and MQTT for networking between the miners. And don't forget to use kali linux and angular.
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    Let me clear... Are you joking? 😅😅😅
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    @shubhadeepb kali? You mean arch and instead of angular vuex or react+redux with typescript :D
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    just fill a database with all possible inputs and solutions
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    Why don't you make a calculator app that gives you the wrong results everytime ? Why has no one thought about that yet ?
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    @irene that's actually really cool just read about it 😃
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    Will it store the result in a blockchain too?
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