Holidays are coming and I have a little time to spend on side projects that I left behind. The problem is that I have not enough time for all of them and I really can't choose one.

So here is a list of them, one for each comment, the one that gets more ++ is the one I'll be focusing on after the 26th.

Please feel free to ask anything and give suggestion if you think it may help :)

Note, in square brackets there is the current state of the project (planning -> pre-alpha -> alpha -> beta) and its age

  • 1
    GhostTown [beta - ~1 year old]

    a VST that consist of 3 lines of delay with a feedback matrix, filters and reverb mixed into the feedback path (using Pure Data and Camomille for now)
  • 3
    Pd Generator [alpha - 4 months old]

    a CLI application (Python) that automates the creation of Pure Data patches using live commands or scripts
  • 3
    VoxelMaker [pre-alpha - 1 month old]

    Processing sketch to quickly create voxel-style models and export them as .obj files for blender or similar
  • 1
    MicroLS [beta - ~3 years old]

    a very small 8-loop switcher for guitar pedalboards with midi functionality (made with Arduino)
  • 2
    Visual Tools [planning - <1 month old]

    an app built with Flutter with quick tools and calculators for visual artists
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