so my parents live close and my dad said his router died. I told him I had a spare. I loaded it dd-wrt on there and next time I went over there he asked about opening a port. I said I could do it for him. wouldn't let me touch it. he believes he is the computer genius and that I would brake it.

funny part is I work on servers for huge companies like Wells Fargo, Ally Bank and tons of others. I can configure a rack mount router but he doesn't trust me to touch a little crappy home linksys router lol.

no matter how smart you are they never want to admit their kid knows more about tech than they do.

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    When he breaks it, blame him :P
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    Well my father calls me whenever he needs to understand something deeper about networks or Linux.
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    Well, parents will be parents...I feel lucky my father wants my advice on configuring his blog and once I tell him what to do he is like oooh right I thought so too x)
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    How do you keep yourself calm? This is the kind of thing that really makes me angry lol
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