Clickbait at it's best! 😂

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    Using tweezers of course
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    I mean...if you're decrypting the hashed passwords it kinda looks like that?

    But yeah, the thumbnail leaves out the harder part obviously.
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    @beggarboy the harder part being how steady you need to hold those tweezers
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    When you point out click bait you are supposed to also give a summary of the content so we don't have to go find it and watch it.
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    Are visual metaphors banned in visual mediums?
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    1) Wrong font size.
    2) 7 bits... so a 1 character password?
    3) Tweezers. Yeah, okay. 🙄
    4) The only time you'd have passwords in data like that is a db or memory dump.
    4a) The first would be nothing but passwords
    4b) the second requires physical access and shoddy software that perpetually stores the password in memory... or a backdoor, in both cases a keylogger works better.

    Worst visual analogy ever.

    ... Except for TPM bitlocker. Then it's pretty accurate.
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    Nobody smart is going to watch that video because if they wanna learn that seriously they have better sources than shitty yt videos.
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