Updated to iOS 12.1.2 (sleazy release 2) after previously getting fucked up the ass by iOS 12.1.2 first release. Yes boys and girls, they tried to cover up their latest fuckup by re-releasing the same release with a modification.

The first time I updated, it knocks my Apple ID out on all my Apple devices when I upgrade my iPhone to 12.1.2. Mother fuckers... gotta log back in for every device, iPads, iPhones, Apple TVs, Macs. And for each service iTunes Store, Messages, FaceTime on each device supporting. Oh yea, it knocks out my Wi-Fi calling and I have to reestablish that too. Then to really ice me, it knocks out my HomeKit system as the Apple ID is knocked out on the Apple TV.

Now after updating just my iPhone to the second 12.1.2 "sleaze release", the thing knocks all my devices out again.

Apple has taken away that which I loved; impeccable engineering and design that could be used as the model for an entire industry. The industry guru. (teacher, leader) Apple has become the new Microsoft.

October 5, 2011, the day Apple died.

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    Apple is copying Google by releasing half assed updates. The previous watchOS update bricked thousands of watches which had to be sent back to Apple. iOS 12.1.2 fucked up the Bluetooth, so whenever I listen to music the bitrate changes every few seconds. This is exactly why I switched from the Pixel 2 XL (Bluetooth never worked), but it turns out Apple is equally shit.
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    *obligatory rooting / flashing your Android so you have control over the problems and direct contact with the maintainer plug*
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    @blockchaintacos in a way yes but the take on iPride is all wrong.

    it is iHope

    Apple learned the trick from Microsoft. Prey on people's hope for better.

    And now, like Microsoft, Apple is rife with iHack.

    Jobs should have never saved Unix.

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