The guy thinks I'm her friend but I deeply hate her !
Just because she thinks she knows everything but she is actually an idiot !
Last term I was in her team for the c++ project (she fooled me ! I thought she is advenced !!) And guess what?
I ended up doing the whole project myself ! (Not fair at all but she got the score cuz of me)

I really don't need enemy so I'll just stay away from her :/

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    Ah damn I have the same type of person with me right now.

    So we have to work more, but at least we learn more, so that's a good thing, right? 😄
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    Maybe she just makes you think she thinks you are friends so that you do everything for her
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    In my studies, we had lab stuff to pass, and shit had to be prepared beforehand. We were team of four and assigned the tasks so that each had to do 25%.

    How did we exclude leechers? Answer: nerd-only team. It worked so well that none of us even looked at the other 75% beforehand.
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    You could have done her and all her future project mates a favor and show the course personnel your git log. A bit of a dick move, but what she did to you wasn't fair either.
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