WHY is Win10 such a PIECE OF SHIT !!!

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    windoze 10 is complete GARBAGE !!!
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    "Winblows suckssssss"

    *Completely fails to provide any logical reasoning*

    Welcome to devRant, you'll fit in with many people here :)
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    @FrodoSwaggins and even worse experiences Ive had with Linux distros. But if I rant I do give reasons.
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    @FrodoSwaggins It does indeed have it's shit show problems.

    But at least provide legitimate and logical reasoning other than "it sucks!1!1!!!!!"
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    Win10 sucks so that even such a stupid rant can get some ++ on devRant.
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    Windows 10 update service uses all the resources of the pc, even the notepad takes a minute to open. Win 8.1 on the other side, still has the option to just check the updates and not install them until you say so.
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    @irene teach me then
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    Win10 is pretty good considering its predecessors. Ive never had blue screen in 4 months thing which would have been different before.
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    How to make it suck less:
    - don’t use insiders builds - ever.
    - don’t install random shit at will
    - don’t update drivers manually
    - don’t be a power user and change things
    - don’t turn off all privacy related toggles
    - just install and let it run
    - now that it’s stable again, await an update that will break something.
    - refer to top of list and await another update to fix the last update.
    - when Windows is no longer usable, format hdd and start again.

    Source: I’m a windows user.
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    Because your using KMS shit that's why, No offense.
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    You could schedule or force stop updates in windows10 too
    It just takes few tweaks, google it.

    Speed is an issue with windows 10. It gets grumpy by time, I agree.

    But notepad taking time to open....
    Never heard of this 😂😂😂
    Did you made this up 😂😂😂
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    Welcome to the squealers club bro 👍
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