Cannot understand those who are frustrated with it.
Sure, one can feel frustration when some project is not going as they were supposed to go, but that is life for ya, boi.

Without wanting to offend anyone it feels like devs who complain so much either do not actively search for a solution and learn shit properly and cry their soul out afterwards or they do search, but cannot find anything.
Patience is the solution. Do not let yourself fall down and stay strong.
Even if it takes a lot of willpower, retries, inner pain, patience and non-sleepy nights, you will and can do it. I believe in you.

My whole life was basically a psychological disaster.
I have had and still have depression and a lot of short frustrations from time to time, too, but I do not cry it out loud.
My high school is fucked up. In every single aspect. I am doing all-nighters almost every day. With maybe half an hour of sleep to get school projects done on time.
I cannot just say "fuck you. I am not gonna do this shit" to school, because that would affect my grades in a negative way. Same thing applies to you, as an employee, too. But at least you do not need to be afraid of getting bad grades.
Bad grades->not getting the desired degree->bad chance of finding a job
In your case:
Bad communication with boss->bad connection->bad chance of finding a job

But is that really so?
I do not think so. Nonetheless, you still can have a good chance of finding a job, if you have proven yourself to others in a great way. Everyone has bad times. Even with their bosses. That's normal. Being bad with someone does not make yourself bad in general.

The job world will still accept you, but school won't accept you again. Whenever I feel like the burnout is about to catch me, I take an immediate break and go outside. Take a walk in the sunset. Go to the forest. Run with music playing loudly. Swim. And other things like watching the stars in the silence of the night.

To finally come to an end here...
Do not make yourself feel bad that quickly and try to endure the pain. This is going to make you a better and stronger person.
If you cannot do it anymore (hitting the borders of burnout), take your time and do whatever makes you happy and treat yourself.
Life is not all about work. Were you born to be a worker? No. Were you born to be a slave of others? No.
What is holding you then? Let go of all the stress (for a minute). You are free.

You are a great person.
Do not forget that.

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    Oh, boy. This turned into a motivational text very quickly lol
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    Probably the biggest load of crap that I had red in devrant so far. Wow youre in high school and managed to pull an all nighter. Congratz. Tell that to the guys who have kids to feed, bills to pay and unrealistic deadlines to meet. Your only responsibility at this time is to get passable grades and thats all. The amount of cynical high schoolers is too damn fking high in devrant. That old bs story of getting good grades and going to prestigious university is load of crap.
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    @zemaitis how about calming down and retrying it? ;)
    It seems like I have offended you. You do not know anything about me. Do not make empty assumptions.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- No Im not retrying it. I will refuse to be some perfectionist masochist. There are priorities in life and sometimes its enough to pass in some areas so you could go balls deep into other areas.
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    @zemaitis I am not going to destroy my vibe with your toxic behaviour. Have a good night. :)
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    @zemaitis I think you missed the overall point. I'm an adult with kids, bills, and outrageous deadlines. But you know what I'm not? A nurse that has to pull a 16 hour shift and gets paid half as much as the typical developer. Every job is hard, but it's by no means the worst. As someone who poured concrete for a good while, devs (including myself) complain about relatively small things. And when you come to terms with that and understand that complaining rarely changes anything, your job tends to get easier.
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    I mean... I agree, but that doesn't really make HTML and CSS any less frustrating ._.
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