Today I had the most f...g ABSURD and POINTLESS meeting with the client ever, that was arranged by the sales! I drove f...g 100km there and f...g 100km back to have a meeting that lasted about 20 minutes. And it's not even the worst yet. It turned out that I was not even the right person to be there. So guess what - the whole meeting boiled down to me making a phonecall on a loudspeaker to the f...g right person. I have wasted half a day and I HAVE OFFICIALY BECAME THE MOST EXPENSIVE PHONE HOLDER!! Not that I have not insisted a few times before to make a call to ensure that the meeting is necessary at all.

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    Daily business.

    For years I'm rejecting most external meetings because

    - they are pointless

    - someone is trying to use me instead of the right guy who doesn't have time

    - they are just to hold the customers hand without any real task (show 'em we're still alive...)

    Most external meetings could be avoided if the work would have been done in a decent quality and roughly in time. And so many could be done with a quick call or a conference call with the right people.
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    I like that title
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