I was newly hired to company. A customer came in yelling saying "there's a bug, this should do this but it's doing that..."
PM came to me and told me to "urgently fix this as this is an important customer".

So I started debugging for hours and asking around and all follow devs agreed that this is a bug. Then I found it!! And it was clear that it was not doing what the customer wanted.

I decided to look through this code history and found out that this part of the code wasn't changed for a year but the code commited before it did actually what the customer was expecting (whaaaa....)

Gathered the devs and the PM showing them what I found. They all looked at each other and then one said "ouuhhh right...yes it was doing this but we changed it to that..."

Turns out it's a feature not a bug, and everyone forgot about it.


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    Thats the finest customer story you can get xD
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    Same things happening to me , about 2 times every year! That's a PM and company mistake, they don't keep a business changelog. Problems are bigger about business cases when a new PM is responsible for an old project!
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    This is why I have implemented a Change Request Authorization Policy. That, and I just wanted to be able to hand out CRAP forms 🤣
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    @karimAlaa That's the best case of the "it's a feature, not a bug" story that you can get!
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    This is a solid story. A++
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    You're welcome
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    Yeah this has happened to me a lot. Sadly we don't have a process in place to stop it before spending hours looking though the code.
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    Haha good one. This reminds me on my last company I worked for.
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