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    Yeah, that’s just the look, we haven’t even talked about functionality yet 😂
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    I had a prospect client like this. He discussed his plans and features for the project like a big project. And when I told him what it will cost he told me my price is high and he will get back to me.

    Hahaha I like your tag "infinity projects" 🤣
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    Hahahaha these clients.....
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    @Devnergy - If only we could "Thanos Snap" 50% of our clients, so we can share 50% of the resources they have. lol
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    Client: "Reality can be whatever I want!"
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    @Hypergeek the client don't even know his whole specs/features. He is letting me guess. He likes me to create a functional and technical documentation indirectly but I did not really polished it because I know there's a high chance he will reject me because of the high price I will charge him hehe 😂
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