goddammit Microsoft, why do I have to remove your fkking internet explorer icon and store icon after every update! noo I don't want it in my bar. gtfo! leave my settings as they were! How hard can it be? Think: does this fuck up someone s personal settings? if yes , DON'T DO IT.

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    Classic Shell, free, fully customisable, just saying.
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    M$ probably thinks:

    "why wouldn't anyone want easy access to our store"

    instead of:

    "why do we continue to support a store that no one uses and is full of shitty apps that don't work"
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    Why don't you switch to Linux or OS X?
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    @Letmecode "Windows 7 (...) what drives me nuts" - yeah, it's not like they actually improved that in 7 F**KING YEARS OR SOMETHING (honestly, I probably seem like a Microsoft apologetic now, but it really grinds my gears when people complain about a product while using an old version of it)
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    @Letmecode If you think so, great, but it really doesn't bode well with me to complain about a piece of software doing something wrong in an older version, especially when that thing has been fixed (see Active Hours in Windows 10)
    EDIT: I apparently can't type properly today.
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