Nitrux OS
I feel that this piece of wonder isn't getting the recognition it deserves.
One of the most beautiful UIs out there, revolutionary tech like znx(booting from the main iso ALWAYS and keeping user data across reboots, in a nutshell) and it has weird ass virtualization stuff that allowed them to run windows with very little virtualization overhead(tech details yet to announce).

Imma stop here before getting labelled another fanboy, just check it out and see for yourself
Thanks for reading, i use arch btw

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    Nitrux OS?
    Maybe I’ll try it this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!
    You’ll buy awesome hardware but only use a fraction of it!
    *pillars of fire*

    For confused non US anons:
    Nitrux sounds like Nitro Trucks which has ads like this https://youtu.be/JO3jvR0h-eI
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    Looks pretty cool. How's the software support?
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    @svgPhoenix based on ubuntu so apt and dpkg available. However they want us to use AppImages and think it's the future of software distribution.
    I've tested it since start and things have gotten a lot stable since.
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    Yeah, it's cool I tried it. Sadly the philosophy behind it is appimages. I don't really want that :(
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    Appimages are... meh, for me. For a noob user, they are great though. So I guess this would be for people that want something really user friendly
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    You wouldn't want great UI on Linux.
    I know i don't want it.
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    @DrDonkey depends on d person right. Personally i use i3 but ik ppl who Wudnt do anything without kde or deepin
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    @henlo Sure. I know people who just get a boner looking at good UIs.
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