What is your preferred team size? Have you had a better experience working on a larger or smaller team?

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    Also, consider it from lead's perspective. Leading more than 6 people is a nightmare ...
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    I've never had the opportunity to work with a team larger than four people. I've managed them several times, but never been a part of anything but a small team.

    Usually I'm the only developer.
    I hate being the only developer.
    I hate doing everything by myself.
    I hate being the only one doing any actual work.

    As for managing: I hate not being able to contribute much.
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    @ravijojila It gets difficult after five. It gets very difficult after 15. 30+ is awful. Really, teams should never be laeger than about six people. Aftwe that size, they should be splintered and given their own leads. Group those with similar personalities (not skills!) and pick the one they'd be happy following. Give them projects. Follow up with their lead.
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    @Root yea thought grouped by personalities not skills is better too. but idk, sometimes skills++
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    I don't know if it counts but I've done group sizes from 3-9 for uni projects, the 9 being my current group. We've only just started and it's already become a clusterfuck because people don't understand that they have to communicate what they do to others on the team. My best team was one of 6 people, but I suppose that could also just be because I liked them better than the slackers I'm currently stuck with 🙃 at work we're just 3, that's pretty nice. We can usually get a pretty good feeling for what the others are doing.
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    @Elyz communication is key
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    @gaaraDev sounds like school project for me.. the secret is not to be the only one working around but to surround yourself with great people. You'll end up building amazing things and pushing yourself further!
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    I once worked with a 3 dev team, we really clicked and I got a really nice experience. Now I'm in a 10 dev team, but I never felt as good.
    So I think team size does not matter as long as you found the people who match you
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    @gaaraDev learn yourself to not do that, it is a bad thing to do unless it is actually lacking features.
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