Love it when you try to fix a bug and realize the bug only occurs in debug mode.
No clue why, but also not my fucking problem, users ain't gonna debug :D

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    Normally thats a sign of bad code.
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    This screams race condition
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    Timing issue, multithreading problem like race condition, buggy synchronisation or alike.

    It may also be due to compiler optimization (although the issues then are usually in the release version)

    But whatever it is, it's worth tracking it.
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    Better than a bug that never happens when debugging.
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    @hell had it once with some web framework - JS were raising errors after some update, it had built-in debug mode for website, giving more info and preventing JS obfuscation, so when debug mode was on JS did not raise any error and all worked fine...
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    That’s the “login with google” button in my game basically xD

    I need to setup the debug key signature or smth for it to work in debug builds but cba to
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    Another thing that I’ve seen cause this is having a side effect in a property read.
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