I used to think Electron apps were gonna do great and make it more accessible for companies to produce high quality programs with ease.

Oh boy I was wrong. All it did is enable big companies with the ability to refactor all of their software to run 5 times slower, consume 10 times more memory and kill your battery 20 times faster.

I fucking hate all of this prototype fast optimize later bullshit. Can I get some value for my dollar? How come technology is just being degraded for the same of "ease of programming".

You save programming time but sacrifice end user time, cus our time just doesn't fucking matter.

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    Having a strong embedded and low-level/performance-oriented background, the victorious march of electron apps gives me chills.

    It simply shouldn't happen that simplest apps require a dual-xeon machine with 1TB RAM and an accelerator card (exaggeration intended). VM in a VM on a VM with a VM parsing code in text format, jitting in native code, with abstractions over abstractions over abstractions (and even with the nice abstractions the developers I've worked with are able to produce an unmaintainable pile of shit with O(n^n) instead of code.)

    But yeah, the buggy prototype hits production faster and you can hire cheaper developers. Which is nice.
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    The basic approach isn't totally wrong - developing everything in assembly would cost more money than what customers would think is worth the price.

    However, it has totally degraded into a pretext for sloppy and incompetent hotchpotch.
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    Electron is not per definition a wrong thing...

    One could do the backend logic in a C language and it will have an easy crossplatform UI connected to it.
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    As a Linux guy, Electron apps make me feel so conflicting. I love it because it's crossplatform and Linux gets targeted as an equal to the other 2 big OS, but hatr it because it means my trusty Thinkpad X230 might not be enough to run my dev environment in a year or two.
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    @Nicci Microsoft Teams is something as useless as an Electron app that only runs on Windows
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    @ReverendLovejoy Gotta keep dem corporate users locked in
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    I mean... is anyone surprised?

    This constant need to see every problem as a nail...

    Web apps have their place... in the browser.

    Hosting something as memory hungry as chromium in a desktop environment with all the bullshit around that, with platform specific nonsense and all the extra bloat that Modern (TM) web apps are known for and you’re bound to have a bad time...

    People need to stop cutting corners and just develop native apps for specific platforms, if you need cross platform logic... implement it in the API layer and make use of a portable C++ / something else (Lua for all I care) for the stuff you absolutely can’t live with reimplementing (validation, business logic etc).
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    It's like the inverse Moore's law.

    Every 2 years performance of programs goes down by a factor of 2.

    The industry must keep up with it! What else will we use all those megahertz on?

    The processor sales must go on emptying our pockets or everything will collapse. /s
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