We developed an application and deployed on production (but not launched)
And business team already created lot of garbage or dummy data. Reporting systems are huge pile of bars, stats and shit.

Now, has to destroy and clean production.

Already advise them to do experiments or testing dev or staging.

Damn. First time in my career experienced this. Has to delete production.

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    Didn’t this get tested before deployment or what?
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    Business people can be so fucking dumb sometimes, I don't get how they can manage things...
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    @mpie it did passed.
    All systems okay.
    Tests fine.

    No issues at technical but at dummy data that fucked up the reporting and stats.

    Most important, we got ML that reads data. And it literally went shit.
    Data scientist and AI/ML got crazy.

    Now ML is on weed. Accepts everything. Haha.
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    You could set up production to redirect to test for in-house connections or specific users, however would work best for your use-case — and then have a flag or something to bypass it, that Business must never know about ;)
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